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We all know those now days the children obesity is a challenging topic in the competitive world. More of the metros cities in India have changed; they have started to follow the western culture. In Delhi along more than 20% of the school children aged 10 to 16 are overweight. Obesity is on the rise among the children in various states. Rapid urbanization, unhealthy food chooses and a decrease in physical activity is the causes. Television viewing and eating fried foods are directly linked to obesity in children. All these factors are the main reason for the obesity in children. Here are a few steps to follow. Children should eat only healthy foods. Mothers should avoid the masala items in their cooking. At least once in a week they can use it. Children should avoid eating fried foods, such as fried rice and also the main reason for the obesity is the junk food. They should do a lot of physical exercise. Nowadays they don’t go out and play. They should run, jump and play it is this time that the children can play. So children should try to follow these tips for a healthy life.

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